High-impact results for your career

High-impact results for your career

What participants say about the program

I walked out of the program with so much more than I expected. We were exposed to top IMD professors and a lot of coaches and mentors in the IMD network. Not only do you learn a lot from the classroom, you learn so much from your peers and mentors.

Hongyu Li Founder and CEO, Sinoglade International Consulting, China/Switzerland

The program really provides you depth in terms of methodology. It gives you the right tools, but as well, it exposes you to the ICF accreditation. It’s very valuable to have that official recognition in today’s world of coaching.

Igor Dimnik VP Product, Sita, Switzerland

It’s immersive. Not only do you learn the content, you experience it. And through experiencing it you see its impact personally and in the collective. You’ll learn something about yourself and you’ll learn how to help other people unlock their potential.

Kristy Clarke Business Coach, Cutting Edge Consultancy and Coaching, Switzerland

It’s a two-in one program. You are prepared for the ICF and it’s a human experience as well. It’s been a pleasure to meet peers and coaches, to network with them and benefit from other perspectives and approaches.

Pascal Chauvie Executive Coach, Juan-Pascal GmbH, Switzerland
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