Solutions for Organizations
Elevate your leaders, transform your organization
Solutions for Organizations

Elevate your leaders, transform your organization

IMD offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to equip leaders with the insights and tools necessary to achieve their strategic objectives and drive transformation for long-term success.

Throughout history, leaders and organizations have always had to adapt to technological, social and environmental changes. Thatโ€™s not new. What distinguishes this era is the breadth, depth and speed of the changes that organizations must put into place in order to get to or stay in the front of the line. Today’s organizations need to continually review their strategy and develop new capabilities both on an individual and organizational level to stay ahead.

Born from business, to serve business, we harness a deep understanding of the landscape to offer agile and relevant solutions that empower organizations โ€“ and their employees โ€“ to thrive in today’s world.

From advisory work, strategic talent solutions, co-created custom programs for small groups of top executives or for large cohorts to really accelerate transformation, passing through individual coaching sessions and knowledge transfer peer-discussions, to open programs to quickly level up your teams; either virtual, in-person or blended, we adapt to your needs and requirements. 

Because every organization’s journey is unique, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated or stand alone to address particular challenges or objectives. Additionally, our pioneering NEXUS offering operates as a partnership platform, granting access to all of IMD’s solutions through a credit system to provide unmatched flexibility and value.

Anna Dunand, Chief Business Development Officer, standing on the IMD Lausanne campus gardens

IMD is uniquely positioned in the field of Executive Development and Professional Services, artfully fusing our business and academic expertise to guide our partnership with clients. We are flexible and agile, and tailor our solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. With an inspiring and entrepreneurial environment, we challenge what is, and inspire what could be every day. We aim to impart this vision on our clients also, to empower them to keep challenging the status quo for a brighter tomorrow.

Anna Dunand Chief Business Development Officer
Why work with IMD

Learn from industry experts and thought leaders who bring global perspectives and operate collaboratively without silos.


Our extensive network and strong ties to the business community allow us to offer valuable insights and perspectives through expert speakers and advisors.


We continually evolve learning pedagogies and explore new topics to ensure a cutting-edge and forward-looking experience for our participants.


We leverage state-of-the-art understanding of individual and collective learning processes to design and deliver interventions that leave a measurable and lasting impact.


Every journey is different. We skilfully adapt to your organization’s unique needs to tailor a bespoke learning experience.