Your learning journey

Reinforce and sustain your impact across all dimensions of your organizations and beyond.

Your learning journey

Reinforce and sustain your impact across all dimensions of your organizations and beyond.

A holistic approach to extend your leadership influence to positively impact your organization and beyond

As leaders rise into more senior level roles, how they impact the business and drive performance changes. At junior levels, people can directly drive results through what they do but as people move into senior leadership roles, their job becomes more about helping others to achieve results. Senior leaders focus people, motivate them and set the tone. And in doing so, they create a working environment – a kind of operating system (OS) – for their people. So, to fully understand yourself as a leader and what you need to do to succeed across all levels of your organization, you need to understand the environment or OS that you create and how it affects your people and their performance.

Over the course of your CLEAR journey, you will focus on building your Leadership OS to embody the characteristics that are critical for success. Working with professional coaches, your peers and faculty, you will develop the foundational qualities that result in leadership that is built on trust, provides clarity and drives momentum across the organization, and beyond.

Personal impact
Team impact
Organizational impact
Societal impact

Building your leadership operating system

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Your journey
Prior to your arrival

You will undertake extensive preparation, including several assessments and data collection from the people who matter most in your life.

During residential modules

IMD faculty and coaches will enable your learning using a variety of methods including case discussions, simulations, outdoor exercises and role plays. Each day, time will be set aside for reflection and rejuvenation. And each module will conclude with a detailed development plan to facilitate your transition back to the “real world.”

Between modules

You will be introduced to additional learning material and engage in regular follow-up conversations with your coach and colleagues to ensure that you do not revert to unhelpful habits and behaviors.

After graduation

You will be invited to join the CLEAR alumni group and connect with other graduates who meet on an annual basis to broaden their learnings and have frank, confidential exchanges.

Alumni network

You also join IMD’s exclusive alumni network, connecting you with top senior leaders worldwide.