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IMD Pathfinder® Journey

with Straumann Group, a global leader in implant dentistry

IMD Pathfinder® Journey

with Straumann Group, a global leader in implant dentistry

How can leaders shape the future of their company while in a position of strength, and engage their organization in doing so?

Straumann Group, a global leader in implant dentistry, headquartered in Basel, did just that. Starting the journey early 2020, the group had a solid business performance and a favorable market environment:

Number 1 in implant dentistry, with 26% market share (1)
Double-digit revenue growth for the previous 5 years
Dental implant market growing at 11% – Compound Annual Growth Rate 2021-2028 (2)

(1) Straumann Group Annual Report 2019, published February 2020

(2) GrandView research on dental implant markets, published February 2021

And yet,

“What led us here, will not lead us there.”

said Guillaume Daniellot, CEO of Straumann Group

How we helped: The IMD Pathfinder®

To stay ahead of market trends and shape the future of the company, Straumann Group partnered with IMD in the Pathfinder Journey, in February 2020. This is what it entailed:

16-month journey (extended by 6 months due to COVID-19), 4 phases
: listen to the organization, explore key themes and identify path forward
Engaged 150+ employees from across regions, business areas and functions
What was the outcome
Evolved strategic direction
Executive team as creators and owners of the strategic agenda
Engaged and energized organization

Going through the process helped all of us to become clearer about what our aspiration could be, what themes we needed to work on, how much of this was related to our core and how much of it was new, what was needed to make it happen, and how we should make sure to maintain the innovation and the investment needed while financing everything else.

Gilbert Achermann Chairman of the Board, Straumann Group, Switzerland

We wanted to have IMD as a partner for two important reasons. The first was to help us with the approach, facilitating it and guiding our leaders in asking the right questions so that we develop our own answers. And the second was the academic rigor and quality of insights that the IMD faculty brought to us, challenging our teams to think broader.

Guillaume Daniellot CEO, Straumann Group, Switzerland