Day 2 OWP Singapore - IMD Business School
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OWP Singapore Day 2: A journey of self-discovery

Arlene Gregorio shares her journey to rediscovering herself as a leader.
November 2023

It’s not every day I get to step out of my routine and dedicate time to my professional development, much less travel to Singapore for the week-long Orchestrating Winning Performance program by IMD. But my experience of OWP so far has been just that – a refreshing break filled with inspiration and new discoveries.  

Just this morning, after attending a session on how to revolutionize innovation with AI, it hit me just how pivotal AI is in unveiling unexpected paths and ideas that might not naturally occur to us. In our field, we often think we’re at the forefront of digital transformation and AI applications. But, talking with participants from countries as diverse as Turkey, South Africa, and Indonesia, I quickly realized that other industries are not just catching up but using AI in ways we haven’t even considered. It’s been humbling and eye-opening.  

What I’m really enjoying is how the sessions blend technical theories and leadership skills. Beyond invaluable insights like the importance of candid feedback and the need to learn the art of storytelling, my biggest discovery so far has been learning more about who I am as a leader. I’ve discovered that my strengths in investigative and creative thinking dovetail perfectly with my role at Fujitsu, where innovation is our lifeblood. And it’s not all about strengths; recognizing the areas I need to work on has been equally enlightening. 

OWP has been an empowering experience. It’s reshaped how I view familiar concepts and broadened my understanding of our global context. Charged with these new insights and a renewed perspective, I can’t wait to bring this energy and vision back to the team at Fujitsu. Here’s to transforming our approach with fresh ideas and a rejuvenated spirit! 

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