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OWP Lausanne 2024 keynotes
Joseph M. Bradley, CEO TONOMUS.Neom

Keynote address: Navigating the singular reality: uniting the physical and digital worlds

 - IMD Business School

Join TONOMUS’s CEO and digital humanist, Joseph Bradley, for a transformative keynote where he forecasts a visionary future blending digital and physical realities to revolutionize the human experience. Addressing the widespread apprehension of the digital realm overshadowing the physical, this keynote offers a more harmonious vision where emerging technologies seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. This will signify profound shifts in how we work, learn, and play, opening avenues for enhanced collaboration and creativity. Bradley outlines a comprehensive strategy for navigating these complexities, advocating for an inclusive, sustainable, and ethically responsible approach. Dive into the boundless potential for innovation and exploration in these realms, with everyone playing a significant role in shaping that future as the digital and the physical worlds converge.

TONOMUS is the first subsidiary company of NEOM, which has evolved from its technology and digital sector to lead the creation of the world’s first cognitive community. Bradley and his team’s strategic foresight are delivering a full-scale, end-to-end cognitive technology ecosystem for NEOM. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and robotics, they are bringing cognitive cities to life.

Prior to NEOM, Bradley spent 15 years at Cisco in various senior leadership roles, the most recent of which was Global Vice President IoT, Blockchain, AI and Incubation Businesses. The California native graduated with a B.A. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Bradley’s career has been defined by remarkable success. With a lifelong passion for data-driven systems that enable sustainable synergy between people and technology, he has made it his life’s mission to enable companies in maximizing these dynamic interactions.


Jamie Woodruff ethical hacker and cyber security specialist

 - IMD Business School

Jamie Woodruff is a distinguished authority in the field of hacking and cyber security. Woodruff embarked on his journey into hacking at the tender age of 9, and his talents became widely recognized when he achieved a remarkable feat during a student competition at a University within the United Kingdom. There, he successfully disclosed a security issue within a prominent social media platform, thrusting him into the public spotlight. This marked the beginning of his notable career in cyber security.

Throughout his career, Woodruff has been instrumental in uncovering vulnerabilities within high-profile entities. Notably, he identified security gaps in the online operations of prominent figures, including Kim Kardashian. His ethical hacking endeavours revealed potential threats to the personal data of her loyal fan base.

Presently, Jamie Woodruff serves as the Chief Technology Officer of an IT Support and Security firm located in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in a wide spectrum of services, including training, cloud solutions, penetration testing, and comprehensive IT support for educational institutions. In addition to his professional role, Woodruff provides assistance to the Cyber Smile Foundation in the role of Cyber Safety Advisor, an organization dedicated to combating online cyberbullying.

Woodruff’s expertise centers on the realm of social engineering and the human aspect of cyber security. He emphasizes the critical importance of fortifying systems and networks against potential threats. Notably, he is renowned for disclosing physical security weaknesses both within the public and private sector.

His distinctive approach involves actively infiltrating targeted organizations to unearth existing exploits. As an illustration of his capabilities, he once posed as a Domino’s pizza delivery person to gain access to the inner sanctum of a major financial institution through pick-locking techniques. Importantly, all of his activities are conducted with full authorization, as part of ethical penetration testing.

Jamie Woodruff’s illustrious career serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to cyber security and his unparalleled expertise in safeguarding both physical and digital landscapes.

Arturo Bris, Professor of Finance and Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center


 - IMD Business School

Arturo Bris is Professor of Finance at IMD and Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center. An award-winning teacher and program director, he ranks among the top 100 most-read finance academics in the world. He is the author of several books, a frequent speaker at international conferences, and appears regularly on international media outlets.

His work has been published in the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, the Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Legal Studies, and the Journal of Business and he has had articles published in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Handelsblatt among others.

Bris’ areas of expertise include corporate finance, corporate governance, financial regulation, and competitiveness. As Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center he works with governments all over the world assessing, measuring, and managing the competitiveness of countries. The WCC produces trusted annual rankings on economies’ competitiveness, and under his leadership it has expanded its coverage by adding new rankings on talent, digital competitiveness, and smart cities.

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