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OWP Singapore Day 1: Back to the classroom

Sharad Kochar discusses embracing learning again as he reflects on the start of OWP Singapore.
November 2023

After being away from a formal learning environment for more than 20 years, the prospect of returning to a classroom filled me with a mix of excitement and skepticism. Yet, as I embarked on my Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) journey at IMD, my reservations quickly transformed into pleasant surprises.

First off, the people. The diversity of the cohort at OWP is unparalleled, spanning 31 countries, 22 industries, and 86 companies. In just one day, I’ve met folks from all over the world in various leadership professions who are making a significant impact in their roles, driving transformational changes in their spheres. Talk about a melting pot of ideas and experiences! It’s one thing to read about diversity, and quite another to live it in real-time discussions and debates.

The sessions were also beyond my initial expectations. Walking into my first “class” of the week, I knew I didn’t want textbook theories but practical insights I could apply to real-world scenarios. After all, the theoretical foundation is essential, but it’s the application that drives change and progress.

Here are my two biggest takeaways about leadership from today:

💡 Being a leader is not just about what we can do but who we are. As Shlomo Ben-Hur rightly pointed out, our knowledge, experience, and personality all come together to shape your leadership style.

💡 And from the insightful session with Anand Narasimhan – Mindfulness is a critical trait for leaders. Not only will it help us achieve personal and professional milestones, but it also helps us lead with empathy.

As I reflect on today’s learnings, I’m filled with anticipation for how the rest of the week will continue to shape my perspective on leadership and performance. Here’s to more growth, understanding, and transformation!

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