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OWP Day 2: Building your own recipes for a successful career

What makes a successful leader? Isabella Sorace reflects on how the last 24 hours have broadened her perspective on leadership and inspired new ideas.
June 2023

Any coach or mentor worth their salt will tell you that you are in charge of your career development. With this mantra imprinted at the back of my mind, I began my week-long OWP leadership program at IMD 

My first impression of the IMD campus was that it was Walt Disney World for adults, especially if you’re someone who loves expanding your knowledge and connecting with inspiring people. Picture this – modern buildings, views of a gorgeous lake, and good coffee and refreshments freely available. It’s no wonder I instantly felt my mind opening to new possibilities. To further drive home what an incredible experience OWP has been, so far, I have:  

  • Been inspired by the incredible life story of Croatian electric sports car entrepreneur, Mate Rimac 
  • Had illuminating discussions about leadership with diverse leaders working in diverse industries around the world  
  • Immersed myself in an exciting virtual reality experience, during which I tried my best to save my team stranded on a faraway planet  
  • Debated how new technologies like ChatGPT and the metaverse can potentially change the world over a heartening Swiss dinner 
  • Created my first AI artwork  

…all in just 24 hours!  

I’ll admit that it’s a little tough to keep track of the whirlwind of activities and classes happening all around campus. But as I continue to listen and learn from the professors and the other participants, I’m beginning to understand that OWP is not a program that starts and ends in a week, but a ticket to a long journey that leads to a destination of unlimited possibilities. 

To me, the most beautiful part of this experience is that I know I will close this week with more questions and answers. No one here claims to have the recipe for a successful career or how to become the greatest leader; however, what we get is a fully stocked kitchen of ingredients at our fingertips. The insights from the classes, conversations we have, and the connections we make are constantly broadening our perspectives and inspiring new ideas. What we do with them next is wholly up to us.  

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