Your opportunity to meet the IMD EMBA team

Your opportunity to meet the IMD EMBA team

Introduce yourself to us and tell us about your goals

Meet the team during a masterclass, online information session or directly in your city. We love knowing more about you and your career goals. The IMD EMBA team looks forward to talking with you.


Engage in a compelling and interactive masterclass experience with us. In 2024, we have a lineup of masterclasses held on campus and in Zurich.

Live learning session

Experience a taste of a real IMD interactive classroom and be prepared to dive deep into a live learning session.

External events & fairs

We’re visiting your country. Have a look at the list below.

13 April 2024

Shanghai, China

29 April 2024

Almaty, Kazakhstan

02 May 2024

Astana, Kazakhstan

13 May 2024

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

14 May 2024

Zurich, Switzerland

18 May 2024

Dubai, UAE