IMD EMBA scholarships

IMD EMBA scholarships

IMD EMBA scholarships

IMD offers a limited number of partial scholarships to exceptional candidates based upon merit and financial need. Scholarships are available in different categories. For each category you will need to demonstrate clear financial need in your application:

Emerging market economy leaders
Awarded to applicants from countries with economies classed as “emerging market economies”.

Women leaders
Awarded to female leaders with an excellent track record in driving gender and viewpoint diversity within their professional organizations and society at large.

Sustainability/tech leaders
Awarded to candidates with a proven track record of driving key sustainability activities in their organizations and who are committed to setting industry-wide best practices for sustainability, conservation or technology.

Not-for-profit leaders
Awarded to candidates with significant professional and leadership achievements in the not-for-profit sector.

Awarded to candidates with strong entrepreneurial drive who have started and successfully developed their business venture.

General excellence*
Awarded to candidates who truly stand out as exceptionally unique managers and leaders. Candidates possess a proven track record of achievement excellence in, but not limited to, the following dimensions: educational, professional and leadership excellence as well as demonstrated positive societal impact.

*Applications are required for all scholarship categories except for General Excellence for which all candidates are automatically considered

How to apply for a scholarship

Competition for the scholarship awards is strong and the IMD EMBA Scholarship Committee will only consider applications from candidates who demonstrate the criteria below:

  • Strong academic and professional profile with a proven track record of professional achievements
  • Community minded, socially responsible
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Potential for future growth and impact
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Potential to become an excellent ambassador for the IMD EMBA program as an exemplary and engaged member of the IMD and EMBA alumni community

A submitted EMBA program application package is a pre-requisite for a Scholarship application.
Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis for the EMBA program’s respective Foundation Stage and Mastery Stage (MS). There are seven Foundation Stages and three Mastery Stages annually: (starting dates for each stage). Please apply as early as possible. We will contact you within 4-6 weeks from the date of submission and always before your selected program starting date if your scholarship application has been approved.


You are required to submit an essay of up to 750 words telling us how you meet the criteria for the scholarship category to which you are applying, what your contribution to the program would be and why you should be awarded a scholarship.

Financial-need supporting documents

  • Proof of salary: a letter from your employer stating the annual salary or 3 latest salary slips
  • Your latest tax return form

Please submit the essay and financial need supporting documents via the dedicated IMD EMBA Scholarship Application.

A dedicated mailbox is available at [email protected] for related questions.

Terms and conditions

The IMD EMBA Scholarship Committee is composed of the EMBA Program Dean, Faculty members, Program Directors and Donor Representatives. Decisions taken by the EMBA Scholarship Committee are final and non-contestable.

Scholarship awards are deducted from the overall EMBA tuition fee in accordance with mutual agreement with each award holder.

Award holders commit to completing their Executive MBA program in an exemplary academic and behavioral manner in full respect of the EMBA degree honor code outlined in the EMBA degree handbook. Award holders also commit to:

  • Continue to act as IMD and EMBA ambassadors in their organizations, communities and countries
  • Support the EMBA brand through occasional IMD authored articles or short videos
  • Be active alumni club members and advocates of the IMD global alumni community

In the event of an award holder not finishing their EMBA program journey (by failing to fulfil any aspect of the program’s academic or behavioral norms as set out in the EMBA program handbook), IMD has the right to request full or partial refund of the awarded tuition fee.