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A Systematic Approach

Focusing on the things that matter, today and tomorrow

A Systematic Approach

Focusing on the things that matter, today and tomorrow

The 5s2 Leader Performance model – start by identifying the right leadership behaviors

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For a talent pipeline that delivers sustained success, we need to start with an evidence-based leader performance model that truly captures the factors that drive leader and organizational performance.

The leader performance model needs to provide holistic integrated perspectives on how to develop leaders to take on roles that require dual transformation and accelerated adaptation. The IMD Leader Performance Model incorporates what the leader knows (know-how on critical topics such as digital, sustainability, organizational performance, and leadership) and what they are capable of (attributes, motivators, cognitive capacity, cognitive style).

Read more about the driving measurable impact on leadership performance with IMD Strategic Talent.

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An evidence-based approach to developing future-ready talent 

IMD’s mission is to ‘challenge what is and inspire what could be’. With our track record of developing talent over the last 75 years, we have brought the science of pedagogy into practice to deliver Real Learning, Real Impact.

IMD Strategic Talent is bringing the same scientific approach to talent assessment. Our additive model harnesses the latest research and evidence at every stage of the process to deliver real results.

While any single step will make a difference, the maximum impact on performance is delivered when all of these steps are included.


While our approach is grounded in evidence and focused on supporting the delivery of strategy, none of that can be achieved without the individual. The prospect of completing a ‘talent assessment’ is enough to strike fear into even the most seasoned leader. That’s why IMD strives to be different. IMD is renowned for innovating in leadership education through our high-contact, personalized, and engaging methods using the latest technology. We’ve applied the same approach to talent assessment.

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Inspire: Our assessments are designed to be engaging. They use the latest technology and are constructed by our faculty and experts to be business relevant. Our coaches create a positive environment that enables participants to explore new possibilities for their career.

Aspire: Talent management is most effective when it aligns the purpose and motivation of the individual with the needs and challenges of the organization.

Transpire: Clear, salient, personalized development recommendations across knowledge, skills, competencies and self are provided. Recommendations include 3Es – Education, Exposure and Experience. Each talent report includes access to relevant content so leaders can begin to address their needs.

This human-centered approach works alongside the science of talent assessment and development that we apply to deliver real impact.

  1. Evidence-based leader performance model focuses on what leaders need to fuel organizational success for today and tomorrow.
  2. Using psychology and neuroscience to identify the specific factors that must be addressed to enable the leader to achieve their full performance potential.
  3. Using personalized development and learning tailored precisely to address the needs identified.
  4. Incorporating factors that support experimentation and application of learning in the workplace, such as stakeholder involvement, participant motivation, and carefully crafted sequences of andragogy (internally-driven learning) and pedagogy (externally-led learning).
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