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Faculty Recruitment

In 2023, we welcomed five faculty members to further strengthen our capabilities in leadership, digital strategy, social entrepreneurship, family business, and international economics. We were also joined by four visiting faculty, two executive fellows, and 11 executives in residence.


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Meet our new faculty members

Here, they share why they joined IMD, what they are passionate about, and what they bring to our learning journeys.

New Faculty

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Sophie Bacq

Sophie Bacq is Professor of Social Entrepreneurship. A globally recognized thought leader on social entrepreneurship and change, her work focuses on entrepreneurial action to solve intractable social and environmental problems.

More about Sophie can be found here

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Richard Baldwin

Richard Baldwin is Professor of International Economics. An expert on global economic policy and theory, he specializes in international trade and is recognized as an authority on the economic drivers and risks of globalization.

Find out more about Richard here

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Marleen Dieleman

Marleen Dieleman is Peter Lorange Family Business Professor at our campus in Singapore. An expert on emerging market family businesses,  her research focuses on the governance, strategy, internationalization, innovation, and transformation of business families in emerging markets.

You can read Marleen’s full profile here

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Zhike Lei

Zhike Lei is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior. She is an award-winning organizational scholar whose expertise includes studying how organizations, teams, and employees adapt and learn in complex, time-pressured, consequence-laden environments.

Read Zhike’s full profile here

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José Parra Moyano

José Parra Moyano is Professor of Digital Strategy. An award-winning teacher, his research and teaching are focused on the management and economics of data and privacy and how firms can create sustainable value in the digital economy.

Discover more about José here

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Visiting Faculty

Annabelle Gawer

Annabelle Gawer is Chaired Professor in Digital Economy at the University of Surrey Business School in the UK, where she also serves as the Director of the Centre of Digital Economy (CoDE).

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Gerry Tsoukalas

Gerry Tsoukalas is Associate Professor in the Information Systems department at Boston University. He specializes in digital platforms and analytics.

Read the full profile here

Lalin Anik

Lalin Anik is Associate Professor of Marketing at Vrije University Amsterdam, where she also serves as Director of the MBA in International Business Program.

Find out more here

Peter Jaskiewicz

Peter Jaskiewicz is Full Professor of Family Enterprise at the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa, Canada, where he holds a University Research Chair in Enduring Entrepreneurship.

His full profile is here

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Executive Fellows

Jan van der Kaaij

Jan van der Kaaij is co-founder of Finch & Beak Sustainability Consulting, a lecturer at the Moscow School of Management, and co-author of Winning Sustainability Strategies.

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Miguel Veiga-Pestana is Chief Sustainability Officer at Drax Group Ltd, based in London. He is a purpose-led business leader with a 30-plus-year proven international track record in major global corporations and the not-for-profit sector.

Discover more here

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Executives in residence

Peter Englisch

Peter Englisch is a renowned global family business expert, as well as a senior partner and shareholder at PwC Germany. He leads their global Family Business practice and their Entrepreneurial and Private Business Services in EMEA.

Read more about Peter here

Ann-Christin Andersen

Ann-Christin Andersen is CEO of Norwegian Energy Partners, a public/private partnership for increased Norwegian exports in the energy sector. Most of her operational career has been devoted to the supplier industry in the petroleum sector.

Read the full profile here

Magdi Batato

Magdi Batato is the former COO and CEO of Pakistan and Afghanistan and an executive board member at Nestlé. As an IMD alumnus, he has had the opportunity to interact extensively with peers and members of the IMD faculty.

Find more about him here

John Davison

John Davison is former CEO Zuellig Pharma & ekaterra (Unilever/Lipton Teas). He currently chairs Greenfields, Indonesia’s leading fresh dairy company, backed by TPG, and acts as an advisor to Phillips Healthcare in Africa.

Discover his profile here

Kalin Anev Janse

Kalin Anev Janse is the Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Management Board of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). The ESM is an intergovernmental organization and the most capitalized International Financial Institution in the world.

Find out more here

Anja Lagodny

Anja Lagodny is Senior Executive at Anja Lagodny Consulting. She is a senior business and technology leader who has successfully and passionately driven the digital and growth agenda within various major global CPG and technology companies in different locations worldwide.

Find out more here

Axel Lehmann

Axel Lehmann is a senior leader with more than 25 years of experience at the group executive board and board of directors levels in globally leading banks and insurance companies. He is the former Chairman of Credit Suisse Group and a former executive board member at UBS and Zurich Insurance Group.

Read his full profile here

Robert Mardini

Robert Mardini is Director General of the International Committee of the Red Cross. He has over 25 years of experience in response management on the frontlines of armed conflicts, complex emergencies, and other crises with global dimensions.

Discover his full profile here

Diana Markaki-Bartholdi

Diana Markaki-Bartholdi is Founder and CEO of the Boardroom and a member of the board of directors of 5G Ventures. She is also an equity partner in the international investment firm Venero Capital Advisors, where she leads the global ESG and Impact Investing practice out of Switzerland.

Read more about her here

Eric Nicolas

Eric Nicolas is General Manager at WiseStratEdge and the former Chief Operating Officer at Firmenich. He is an accomplished COO and CFO with demonstrated success in enabling sustainable business growth in the US, Europe, North America, Latin America, China, and Asia.

Discover his full profile here

Achim Plueckebaum

Achim Plueckebaum is CIO at Bachem. Besides his current role at Bachem (a leading CMO in the life sciences industry), he embeds data and AI in life sciences through advisory and board roles at the intersection between innovative startups and pharma.

Find out more here

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