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Cementing IMD’s position as a global leader in rigorous and actionable thought leadership, our academic and practitioner article output increased across the board in 2023, with articles in FT50 journals increasing to a record 24 and in other academic peer-reviewed journals to 42. Furthermore, IMD continues to be the third most published institution over the last five years (after Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management) in the two most impactful practitioner-oriented magazines – Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review.

Our faculty and research fellows covered a diverse range of topics from sustainability, leadership, innovation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion to strategy, human resources, corporate governance, family business, supply chain, and technology management.

Here are a few examples of our faculty’s insightful FT50 articles:

  • Moving beyond islands of experimentation to AI everywhere, MIT Sloan Management Review by Amit Joshi, Ivy Buche, and Miguel Paredes Sadler
  • Fixing a self-sabotaging team, Harvard Business Review by Anand Narasimhan and Jean-Louis Barsoux
  • Become a better problem solver by telling better stories, MIT Sloan Management Review by Arnaud Chevallier, Albrecht Enders, and Jean-Louis Barsoux
  • Wrongdoing in publicly listed family- and nonfamily-owned firms: A behavioral perspective, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice by Stephen Smulowitz, Didier Cossin, Alfredo De Massis, and Hongze (Abraham) Lu
  • Applicants’ fairness perceptions of algorithm-driven hiring procedures, Journal of Business Ethics by Maude Lavanchy, Patrick Reichert, Jayanth Narayanan, and Krishna Savani
  • The social cost of carbon when we wish for full-path robustness, Management Science by Yifan Zhao, Arnab Basu, Thomas S Lontzek, and Karl Schmedders
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Faculty papers also garner awards

Best Paper Award

Journal of Management Studies 2022, Stakeholder governance for responsible innovation: Value creation, appropriation, and distribution to tackle societal grand challenges, Sophie Bacq and Ruth Aguilera

Best Paper Award

International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) Conference 2023, Signaling entrepreneurial commitment and competence in family business succession, Massimo Baù, Jasper Brinkerink, Alfredo De Massis, Johan Karlsson, Philipp Sieger

Best Paper Award

International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) Conference 2023, Next generation and family CEO as drivers of digital innovation in family firms: Does the TMT-size also matter?, Paolo Capolupo, Lorenzo Ardito, Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli, Nadine Kammerlander, Alfredo De Massis

Schulze Publication Awards

Three Schulze Publication Awards for Alfredo de Massis et al

Best Paper Award

EURAM SIG Strategic Management, Does home city matter to corporate profitability? A global study of the relationship between cities’ management model and firms’ profitability, Joan Enric Ricart, Pascual Berrone, Niccolò Pisani, Mahsa Memarian

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