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Coaching Excellence

The Center for Coaching Excellence coaches participants in IMD’s programs and offers executive coaching services to accelerate and sustain the development and transformation of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Additionally, we deliver an Executive Coaching Certificate (IECC), an ICF-accredited Open Program that offers participants unrivaled learning with cutting-edge coaching, thought leadership, academic research, psychological approaches, and an extensive coaching community to guide others toward positive change.

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Scaled up for growth

In 2023, we scaled up our ecosystem, seeing an increase in the number of programs leveraging our coaching offering and a substantial growth in requests for executive coaching services. We also strengthened our global Coaching Community, composed of a world-class, experienced pool of independent executive coaches.

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“We saw substantial growth in our executive coaching services, built stronger relationships with clients – with IMD moving from supplier to preferred coaching partner – and integrated more coaching into our programs.”

Séverine Jourdain, Executive Director, Coaching and Leadership Excellence

Increasing our reach and impact

22% of IMD custom, open, online, and degree programs leveraged coaching in 2023, with over 370 coaches involved and an average coaching impact score of 4.6. We also saw high demand for our Executive Coaching Certificate program, which has had two cohorts per year since 2023.

Coaching services also recorded a 44% increase in requests for individuals, teams, and organizations and a 33% growth in client requests for post-program coaching.

Our world-class ONE IMD Coaching Community comprises more than 300 coaches, with 35 new coaches onboarded in 2023, as well as the further integration of the Singapore pool of coaches into our global community. Each community member nurtures the richness and diversity of backgrounds, coaching practices, and impactful track records. Our Community showed remarkable energy and dynamism over the year with high engagement in our Conferences and social and continuous development events.

In 2023, more than 125 coaches were equipped with new coaching and psychometric capabilities through masterclasses, training, and certification events.

2023 also saw the development and launch of Coaching Corner, where we showcase our executive coaching know-how by sharing real-world, practical coaching scenarios through cases and insights.

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“The individual coaching was tailored to my personal needs. The coach was outstanding and struck just the right balance between the emotional and rational/business aspects. This will help me in understanding my future choices.”

Ksenija Pavletic, Operational Investor, JEITO and former Chief Executive Officer, PregLem SA