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Our Alumni

2023 was another energizing year of collaboration with our alumni on a series of special events, reunions, and celebrations. Relationships were strengthened across the globe as alumni clubs organized their IMD-themed events, now complemented by the newly launched International Alumni Association.

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Building stronger connections across the globe

On 1 December 2023, we launched the International Alumni Association to connect alumni globally. Designed for alumni, with alumni, the Association will enable stronger ways for more than 130,000 exceptional individuals worldwide to engage with IMD and each other.

Offering new networking, life-long learning, and personal and professional development opportunities, all alumni can join the new Association with the various membership options, features, and benefits featured on the Association’s website.

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“The creation of the International Alumni Association crystallizes a long-held desire to bring our global alumni closer together so they can share ideas and shape the future for a more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive world.”

Jean-François Manzoni, IMD President

The Association is designed to complement the efforts and activities of the alumni clubs, communities, and classes at a local level, as well as the special interest communities, such as the TOGETHER sustainability community, the Entrepreneurship Community, and the Luxury Forum 2050.

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“We are thrilled that IMD now has a dedicated Association to empower and engage our talented alumni at an international level in the common pursuit of transforming organizations and contributing to society.”

Michael Merrithew, Chair of the International Alumni Association and 1985 MBA alumnus

A year of key events strengthening bonds

In 2023, we welcomed back over 1,000 alumni at the Lausanne campus.

For the first time in four years, we hosted our volunteer leadership teams, club presidents, and committee members from most of our 49 alumni clubs for a two-day program that included workshops, updates, and sharing of best practices.

EMBA and MBA class representatives came together on campus for a day of workshops around strengthening the bond across cohorts and ways to support the MBA and EMBA communities.

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We welcomed more than 200 alumni back to Lausanne for our 2023 alumni symposium on “Leadership in the age of ambiguity: Exploring your agency as a global leader in times of turbulence.” The opening keynote featured Jessica Sibley, CEO of TIME Magazine, in conversation with Ian Charles Stewart, Co-founder of Wired magazine and Executive in Residence at IMD.

The symposium was a moment for alumni to pause, reconnect with friends, and reflect on the insights they heard from fellow alumni and speakers, such as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Oleksandra Matviichuk, a Ukrainian human rights lawyer and Head of the Center for Civil Liberties.

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IMD International Alumni Symposium 2023: Event Highlights

To celebrate their anniversaries, 16 EMBA and MBA classes came back to campus.

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More than 200 events were organized by 49 alumni clubs around the world.

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Luxury 2050 Forum

The Luxury 2050 Forum, launched in December 2022, hosted an ambitious agenda of activities in 2023. Through its quarterly C-Suite Talks and the new offering Luxury Disrupters, the community examined topics such as “What is the future of brand extension in luxury lifestyle?” and “Beyond clicks and likes: Navigating the art of immersive storytelling.”

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Thank you

To the hundreds of volunteers who gave their time, skills, and energy to make a wide range of alumni events happen worldwide in 2023.

Your efforts strengthen the connections of over 130,000 alumni with each other and with IMD, and we are truly grateful.

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