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Strategic Talent Solutions

Our Strategic Talent Solutions initiative, formerly known as Voyager, is based around a future-focused, evidence-based model of leader performance. Our advanced algorithms and data science enable us to provide innovative solutions and insight into the drivers of success in a complex and rapidly changing environment.

Our Strategic Talent approach fosters accelerated adaptation to deliver value and create competitive advantage through talent.

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Developing talent at scale

Strategic Talent Solutions has scaled up and expanded its offering over the course of 2023 to leverage IMD’s universe of learning and drive impact. We have developed into a unit that serves organizations’ growing requirements to develop their talent at scale.

Our goal is talent amplification – to enable organizations to capture and harness more potential from their people. Carefully constructed, personalized learning journeys targeted to each individual’s priority needs and aspirations enable improved alignment between individual talent development and the broader organizational talent strategy.

Leveraging technology, we enhance learning impact by assessing the client’s precise development needs, prioritizing what they need to focus on for the greatest impact, and personalizing the digital development journey – which can now be deployed to thousands.

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A new team of experts

Our team has expanded to ten members and has been led by Executive Director Tania Lennon since March 2023. Tania is a “pracademic,” blending a strong research orientation towards innovation in assessment with evidence-based practice in talent development.

Supported by Academic Co-Directors Misiek Piskorski and Ric Roi, Tania Lennon and the team have sought to leverage technology to create a personalized participant journey that starts with diagnostic assessments and moves quickly into action to support leaders in developing and applying new skills, mindsets, and behaviors.

We work closely with all the teams across IMD, including Custom and Open programs, coaching, and the Impact office.

How we address the challenge


We have constructed three robust and engaging assessment tools that, together, can pinpoint specifically the nature of the leader’s potential and the learning that will support them in accelerating their growth.


Leveraging our algorithms for Future Ready leader performance and the data from the assessments, the areas for development likely to have the biggest impact on the individual’s future effectiveness are prioritized so leaders can focus their effort where it matters most.


Each priority development need is matched with content (videos, games, articles, exercises) and recommendations (IMD programs, books, and other learning resources).


The selected development content is provided to the leader as part of a personalized learning journey that extends over 12 months and includes nudges and applications.


Innovation in assessments

Our Leader Performance Model captures the latest research into the drivers of leader performance in a dynamic environment. Through our assessment, we provide leaders with insights into how they can readily increase their capacity to be future-ready and equipped to adapt to the changing context.

The Strategic Talent team has devised, refined, and validated assessments to address the three key drivers of the Leader Performance Model:

  • The Leader Motivation diagnostic, which provides insights for leaders around their identity, drivers, and preferences to consider as part of their personal development.
  • The Business Acumen and Know-How tool, which objectively assesses 40 key areas of expertise defined by faculty members as important for building future-ready businesses.
  • The Situational Judgment assessment, a game-based assessment that measures cognitive, behavioral, and strategic flexibility as drivers of adaptability and ambidexterity.
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