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The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the IMD’s management body. Led by IMD President Jean-François Manzoni, it proposes the Institution’s business goals, financial targets, and annual budgets within the strategic guidelines agreed with the Supervisory Board. Together, they make decisions in a timely manner with the required quality. The IMD President is appointed by the Supervisory Board.

The President proposes the structure and composition of the Executive Committee, regularly informs the Supervisory Board about developments, issues, actions, and results, and delivers annually an activity report to the Foundation Board.

The Executive Committee includes faculty members responsible for high-priority strategic tasks and senior staff who lead key functions of the institution.

The 2023 Executive Committee

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Jean-François Manzoni
David Bach - IMD Business School
David Bach
Dean of Innovation and Programs
Anna Dunand - IMD Business School
Anna Dunand
Chief Business Development Officer
Delia Fischer - IMD Business School
Delia Fischer
Chief Communications Officer
 - IMD Business School
Peggy Le Roux
Chief Finance and Administrative Officer
 - IMD Business School
Louis Leclézio
Chief Digital and Customer Experience Officer
 - IMD Business School
Seán Meehan
Dean of Faculty
 - IMD Business School
Anand Narasimhan
Dean of Research
 - IMD Business School
Laurent Tranchida
Chief People Officer