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The mission of IMD’s Executive MBA is to “develop global, reflective leaders who lead with personal responsibility and integrity and have a positive impact on their businesses and society.” Its tagline – “Growth starts with you” – underlines the importance of a customized approach to each participant’s personal and professional development.

Our year in highlights

In 2023, the EMBA introduced a new Discovery Expedition location, hosted its first Global Network for Advanced Management EMBA Network Week, and had two participants featured in the Poets&Quants Executive MBA Best & Brightest list.

In 2023, we welcomed two cohorts, 33% of participants being female, and 168 EMBAs graduated from the program.

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“A transformation is a significant change. It can be seen. Holding onto this moment is important as a reminder of what we are capable of as leaders when we join forces. We have committed ourselves to making a difference wherever we are. This is our claim, and we have voted to call ourselves EMBArkers of Change.”

Susanne Wille, EMBA 2023 

First Discovery Expedition in Colombia

Due to political instability in Peru, the June Discovery Expedition on Social Innovation and Impact Innovation for the September 2023 cohort was relocated to Colombia. Vanina Farber, EMBA Dean and Faculty Lead of the Discovery Expedition on Social Innovation and Impact Innovation, leveraged her network to build a learning experience that rivals the one she has been delivering in Peru since 2018.

EMBA participants were exposed to Colombia’s current political, social, and economic context through interactions with local government representatives like Enrique Penalosa, the former Mayor of Bogota, social entrepreneurs (Bankamoda, ZhanaSolutions), and executives from large firms representing various sectors of the country’s economy and social reality.

The week’s agenda included input sessions by IMD faculty and external guest speakers, visits to local companies and social enterprises, and action learning culminating with EMBA teams conducting a scouting mission for a group of impact investors interested in backing social enterprises in Colombia.

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 - IMD Business School

“I returned from the third and final IMD EMBA discovery expedition to Colombia filled with colorful impressions and insights into the country’s socio-economic landscape. Social innovations and companies with a clear purpose of serving a greater good alongside strong business models were at the heart of this amazing week.”

Zoë Falquet, EMBA 2023

IMD hosts its first EMBA Global Network Week

IMD is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, founded in 2012. The Global Network includes 32 leading business schools from around the world. The mission of the Global Network is “to drive innovation and create value by connecting leading global business schools, their resources, and their stakeholders.”

From 12 to 16 June, IMD hosted its first EMBA Global Network Week, welcoming over 40 EMBA students from 18 Global Network member schools, including Yale School of Management, FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo, the University of Oxford, the University of Cape Town, and the Asian Institute of Management in Manila.

The immersive week-long program focused on Digital Business Transformation. According to Öykü Işık, who directed the program, the week “not only gave students the critical tools to take their digital transformation several steps ahead but also equipped them with invaluable international connections.” The program included an informative visit to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee to discuss one of their many digital transformation initiatives and an interactive session with guest speaker Leila Delarive, co-founder and CEO of Amplify.

Over the week, the students, who represented all continents, worked diligently on group projects driven by Françoise Lamotte, Director of Digital, Innovation and ICT Terre des Hommes foundation, to support digital transformation initiatives at Lausanne-based child welfare NGO, creating a real impact on society and for future generations.

Two IMD EMBAs featured on Poets&Quants Executive MBA Best & Brightest list

Taras Panasenko and Thaís Torres Carpenedo were named to the Poets&Quants 2023 Best and Brightest Executive MBA list.

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CEO and Co-founder of Ukrainian supermarket chain Avrora, Taras had to guide his business safely through the Russian invasion of his country during the latter stages of his EMBA.
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Thaís, Deputy CEO at Vicat Group – Ciplan, completed her EMBA while managing the demands of a high-profile job in a male-dominated industry in Brazil and becoming a first-time mom.