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IMD Board Readiness Diploma

Lay a solid foundation for your board career

IMD Board Readiness Diploma

Lay a solid foundation for your board career

Online & Lausanne
5 weeks online & 6 days on campus with flexible timetable

CHF 20,000

Position yourself as a future-fit board member

The IMD Board Readiness Diploma equips executive directors and aspiring board members to confidently take up a board mandate. Participants will explore the principles, practices, and behaviors necessary for effective board directorship and reinforce their learning through multiple exercises and activities.

The learning journey ensures that they have the knowledge and skills to confidently serve on and contribute to a board.

After completing the diploma and accumulating boardroom experience, participants can continue their learning journey and obtain the IMD Board Director Diploma.

Explore areas of board work

Understand how governance drives organizational performance and explore core areas of board work.

Gain a framework

Learn a framework for identifying and assessing the four underlying pillars of board effectiveness.

Tailor your learning

Customize your learning according to your needs, areas of interest and aspirations to develop yourself as a board member.

Prepare for a non-executive role

Build confidence and credibility to bridge the move from executive to non-executive, and understand what drives you to contribute in your board work.

Certify your skills

Earn your diploma to demonstrate that you have developed knowledge and skills for the boardroom.

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You and your peers

You will have the opportunity to network with fellow participants coming from diverse international organizations and a broad range of industries.

Typical participants are:

  • Senior leaders interested in governance and boards
  • Senior executives preparing for a board appointment
  • Executive directors who interacts with the organizational board
  • Group executives preparing to sit on a subsidiary board


After the program, you will continue your learning journey by joining IMD’s vibrant board community.

Your learning journey
Step 1 – Mastering Board Governance

Online, 5 weeks, 4-6 hours a week

The Board Readiness Diploma pathway starts with a core program: Mastering Board Governance. This gives you the foundations of how boards function, as well as the principles and practices of good governance. Weekly board simulations allow you and your classmates to put your learning into practice and receive valuable feedback to reflect on your own board work.

At the outset, you have a coaching call to explore your learning objectives for the diploma journey, and the implications for how you will approach your learning activities throughout.

Step 2 – Three thematic board programs

On campus, three 2-day programs

Your pathway continues with three short thematic programs of your choice focusing on key areas that bring value to the boardroom. These programs are also open to highly experienced board members working towards the Board Director Diploma.

Choose any three from the below:

  • Strategy Governance for Boards
  • Stakeholder Management for Boards
  • Boards and Risks
  • Team Dynamics for Boards
  • Digital Transformation for Boards
  • Finance for Boards
  • Driving Sustainability from the Boardroom
  • Women on Boards
Step 3 – Assessment

The final phase of your journey is an assessment of your full portfolio of learning activities (assignments, quizzes and learning journal reflections), required to earn your IMD Board Readiness Diploma.

Step 4 – IMD Board Readiness Diploma

After having accumulated relevant board experience, you have the option of continuing your learning journey with the High Performance Boards program and earning the IMD Board Director Diploma.

Portfolio of learning activities

Throughout your learning journey, you will engage in a range of activities aimed at supporting your development of key governance capabilities and prompting reflection about the implications for you as a board member.

Learning journal and personal action plan
Individual and group work
Simulation exercises
Peer assignment and feedback
Coaching and mentoring
Governance competency assessments

I’m formally launching my board career. IMD’s board education is a strong credential to evidence good board governance skills that drive impact and value.

 - IMD Business School
Jacqueline Hess Vice-Chair Board of Directors, Vontobel Swiss Financial Advisers AG, Switzerland

IMD enlightened me on how exemplary boards function and helped me find my role and balance on boards in order to make a real contribution.

 - IMD Business School
Bjarni Thordur Bjarnason Founder & Deputy CEO, Arctica Finance, Iceland

With boards comes responsibility. Transitioning to a board career demands good governance foundations and solid frameworks.

 - IMD Business School
Anouk De Blieck Non-Executive Director, Elliott Scott HR & Member of the Board of Advisors, Lifeed, Italy
Board community - IMD Business School
A valuable board community

Your diploma journey enables you to build a valuable network of board members that you can count on for advice and support far into the future.

You will join a community of past IMD board program participants who meet regularly – face-to-face and virtually – to exchange board experiences from different contexts and discuss the latest developments and trends in governance.

Explore your program options
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Become part of IMD alumni network

Grow your network by staying engaged with IMD.

On successful completion of this program, you become part of IMD’s powerful alumni network.

130k+ alumni


250+ events per year


50+ clubs worldwide