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On campus program
Future-Proofing your Business Family

Strengthen your family’s business and governance roadmap

On campus program

Future-Proofing your Business Family

Strengthen your family’s business and governance roadmap

3 days
SGD 17,500
Next program starts
06 November 2024
Prepare the groundwork for a lasting legacy now

Future-Proofing your Business Family is IMD Asia’s flagship program dedicated to helping business families prepare for the future through strengthening their business and family governance.

This program offers business families profound insights into the challenges of operating in fast-growing and high-risk markets. It will also provide them with a clear roadmap to design their future business strategy, corporate governance, and family governance, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding and enhancing their legacy.

The program design focuses on sharing successful practices and applying these to participants’ own context. Participants will experience a learning mixture of case studies, expert speakers and lectures based on the knowledge, research and wealth of experience of our global faculty and the IMD Global Family Business Center. In addition, participants will have ample opportunities to learn from others and to network with like-minded business families during the program.

We encourage family members to join together so that IMD can assist them in their transformational journey.

Learn from an outside perspective

Listen to unbiased voices about you, your business family, and what you need to do to strengthen your resilience so that you can successfully embrace future opportunities and challenges together.

Build your future readiness

Use our tools, peer learning, expert sharing, frameworks, and coaching to build concrete action plans for your family.

Build from your unique roots

Learn from IMD’s independent global expertise and deep Asia exposure to formulate actionable plans that are suitable for your unique context and aspirations.

Govern fairly

Leverage IMD’s deep experience in helping business families to discover the best governance model for you, your family, and your portfolio of activities.

future proofing business family - IMD Business School
Your family

This program is for you if your family:

  • Is a multi-generational business family looking to foster a long-lasting entrepreneurial legacy. You want your family to work harmoniously together, be it in business or in other joint activities such as a family office or family philanthropy.
  • Recognizes that family members have different roles, capabilities and aspirations and you want to be able to take high-quality decisions together while avoiding family conflicts. You recognize that you have done well, but also that the future will require you to continuously adapt and improve.
  • Is keen to benefit from the latest independent insights from academic experts and from peers in the program and to reinforce the foundations to embrace the future with confidence.


For ideal learning benefits, we encourage team attendance – for example family teams of several generations, siblings, cousins, and/or their key non-family executives.

Attending as a family will help you to develop a common language and a common approach. You can also consider sending family members
to the same program over time.

Your learning journey
Day 1 – Introduction (half day)
  • How to improve your resilience as a business family
Day 2 – Future of your business
  • How to design your future family business strategy
  • How to innovate across generations in high-growth environments
  • How to build effective governance for resilient business portfolios
  • Coaching
Day 3 – Future of your family
  • Family governance
  • Rules on family renumeration
  • Ownership and leadership succession
  • Coaching
Day 4 – Future of your legacy (half day)
  • How to design your family’s legacy
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This program helps business families leave a lasting entrepreneurial legacy by strengthening the foundations of effective governance. It allows families have important conversations on their future and learn together from experts, peers, and coaches.

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Marleen Dieleman Program Director
Next start & fee

Length: 3 days on campus
Special team offer: Every 5th participant joins the program for free.

6 Nov – 9 Nov 2024
3 days
SGD 17,500

Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are included.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

IMD programs widened my horizon and opened a totally new view on family business. The lectures with Professor Marleen Dieleman shed light on our business problems concerning different generations and we are now following her approach.

Alev Yakal - IMD Business School
Alev Yakal Executive Director, Borochemie, Singapore
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