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Admission process 2024

Admission process 2024

Two possible admissions routes

The IMD MBA assessment has been specifically designed to offer a more in-depth, mutual opportunity for us to get to know each other better. Our goal is to create a select group of diverse and promising future leaders who can bring fresh insights into discussions and debates and contribute to the overall learning experience of the class.

We will be looking to develop our understanding of the unique aspects that you will bring to the program. You should equally take this time to assess our culture, teaching style, network and vision because we want you to be able to get the most out of this year as possible.

While our traditional admissions process is very focused on the individual, our challenges offer a more competitive experience.

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Application deadlines

Final decision by

15 January 2024 

(Earlybird application fee waiver)

01 March 2024

15 February 2024

01 April 2024

15 April 2024

01 June 2024

15 June 2024

01 August 2024

15 August 2024

01 October 2024

15 September 2024

18 October 2024

15 October 2024

08 November 2024

Traditional process

Take the time to complete our application form and submit your GMAT score so that when we interview you we can really focus on developing our understanding of your drivers, strengths and questions. Each candidate is automatically considered for a range of scholarship opportunities based on the strength of their overall performance throughout the entire admissions process.

Once we have reviewed your application, successful candidates will be invited for an online or in person interview and further assessment, which will include an elevator pitch, a team experience, class observation (where possible) and networking with members of the MBA team. 

Assessment challenges

Our Challenges aim to foster more diversity amongst our leaders by encouraging high achievers who don’t necessarily have the financial means to apply, but do have the potential, drive and passion that we are looking for.

Submit a simplified application form with no application fee, for the chance to be selected to take part in a dynamic and interactive online experience during which you will complete various assessment activities. The top performer of each challenge will be awarded a scholarship and a place in our next MBA Class. Runners up will be also offered a place in our MBA next class intake.

Application deadlines

Challenge Dates


Final decisions

Assessment Challenge Women Leaders 1

(this challenge is closed)

15 March

4 April

8 April

1 May

Assessment Challenge Young Leaders

(this challenge is closed)

15 May 

7 June

12 June

1 July

15 July

8 August

12 August

1 September

Please note that applicants from our Assessment Challenges are not eligible for the traditional process in the same year.

Next steps

If admitted into the program you will need to complete our full application form. Soon after acceptance of our offer and payment of the first deposit, we will run random background checks on some applications to verify the authenticity of degrees and work history (including most recent salary).