The Future is Young

How technology, talent and innovations can help us face the most pressing challenges of our time.
188 pages

It is the talent of younger generations in particular that will allow us to address current and future challenges in a creative and inclusive way. This is what The Future is Young tells us in an engaging and action oriented manner. A must read for anyone who wants to contribute to a value-driven and people-centric tomorrow!

Jacqueline Poh Managing Director of Singapore's Economic Development Board, Singapore's Economic Development Board

For anyone concerned with the future of work and what younger generations will aspire to do and contribute to build a better world tomorrow, The Future is Young is a timely and refreshing book. Lanvin and Sultan manage to turn twenty years of research and leading work in technology, innovation and talent into a manual for optimism and ambition.

Bettina Schaller Bossert President, World Employment Confederation

The world today as we see it is witnessing rapid changes across all the sectors and industries.
In their new book, Lanvin and Sultan address this challenge from a multiplicity of angles while proving ample concrete examples showing how our ability to master our future will be amplified by our correct understanding of our collective past.

Khalfan Balhoul CEO, Dubai Future Foundation

Amid this fast and disorienting pace of change, many are instinctively looking to political leaders and world-renowned experts for answers. As a result, important conversations that should be going on have been conspicuous by their absence. In particular, these are conversations that should involve young people. If new paradigms are emerging that will one day govern how we live, work, learn and communicate, it is the youth that needs to be in the driver’s seat of shaping them. The new generation needs to ensure that these paradigms reflect its values and priorities, as well as its outlook on the world and how it perceives its own place in the world. Young people have boundless energy, but they often lack inspiration and hope. This book is about supporting young
minds’ probing efforts with creative vision, energy and ambition.


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