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How not to be a hostage to COVID-19: Episode 3

Managing emotions under times of threat, uncertainty and stress
7 min.
April 2020

This is an episode in the video series How not to be a hostage to COVID-19. Psychologist George Kohlrieser, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, IMD, brings his long experience as a hostage negotiator to the table. He provides practical advice for getting past fear and worry, helping us to retake a position of power and refusing to become a psychological hostage to the COVID-19 crisis.

In episode three, Managing emotions under times of threat, uncertainty and stress, Professor Kohlrieser explains that stress is a part of life. Stress can be either positive or negative and results in the four basic emotions of anger, fear, sadness and joy. Emotions are essential to well-being and the ability to verbalize these emotions is vital.

During a crisis situation, including the COVID-19 pandemic, grief reactions like fear, anger and sadness are common. By being aware of these emotions and accepting them, leaders (specifically Secure Bases) can then react appropriately and take action to overcome any negativity, helping both themselves and others.

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