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Changing Employee Behavior 2e

How to Drive Performance by Bringing out the Best in People
August 2023
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An important part of every manager’s job is changing people’s behavior: improving someone’s performance, helping them better manage relationships with colleagues, or sometimes even stopping them doing something. Yet, despite the fact that changing people’s behavior is such a fundamental skill for managers, there is little in the way of systematic support for them to go about it.

This book changes that, revealing simple but powerful techniques for changing behavior that experts from a range of disciplines have been using for years. Drawing upon proven methods from psychology, psychotherapy, and behavioural economics, it presents a comprehensive toolkit that managers can use to improve the performance of staff and address some of the most common challenges they face.

With a new foreword and three new chapters, this revised edition expands on the original by showing how organisations and leaders have used the techniques presented in it, how these methods have become even more relevant in the post-pandemic world, and how it has been applied the broader challenge of workplace culture change. Finally, supplementary videos add detail to this new content, with examples and explanations presented by the authors.


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You can also buy the book on Barnes & Nobles, Book Depository, Orell Füssli and Springer.

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Nik Kinley

Director and Head of Talent Strategy for the global Talent Management consultancy YSC

Nik Kinley is a Director and Head of Talent Strategy for the global Talent Management consultancy YSC. Prior to YSC Nik was the Global Head of Assessment for the BP Group, and prior to that, Head of Learning for Barclays GRBF. He has specialized in the fields of assessment and behavior change for nearly twenty five years, and in this time has worked with CEOs, factory-floor workers, life-sentence prisoners, government officials and children.