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IMD takes prize at ‘Business School Oscars’

Profs. Howard Yu, Thomas Malnight and Ivy Buche won award for a case on Recruit Japan and big data
February 2017

Innovation Professor Howard Yu, along with strategy and management Professor Thomas Malnight, and IMD Research Associate Ivy Buche were awarded for their work in the “outstanding case writer on the hot topic Big Data – Risks and Opportunities” category at the 2017 Case Centre Awards, which are called the business school Oscars by the Financial Times.

The winning case “Recruit Japan: Harnassing Data to Creat Value” focuses on Recruit Holdings, Japan’s largest staffing firm and a leading marketing media company, which sought to leverage its massive amounts of data to become a world leader.

It takes a deep look at how and if the company’s business model could be replicated overseas and if it could successfully cannibalize its existing businesses through data-driven innovations to leapfrog into the future.

IMD congratulates the team for their outstanding research.

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