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What makes a great leader in the digital age?

IMD Professor Jennifer Jordan reveals the top qualities of today’s managers at Orchestrating Winning Performance
June 2019

It’s day four at OWP 2019. Among the wealth of research-driven learning on offer is an insights session by Professor Jennifer Jordan on Leading in the digital age.

The social psychologist and expert in leadership takes the class through which competencies are most important for predicting success in organizations, and how executives can develop those competencies as a leader.

Which new competencies are more important than ever before?” is the question at hand.

Today’s data-driven reality offers as many benefits as it does drawbacks when it comes to being an effective leader. At the root of both the good and the bad: Too much information.

Based on six months of research with global executives, Professor Jordan and colleagues from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation identified the following competencies, or qualities embodied by the most effective leaders in the information age.

Today’s best leaders are:

  • Humble: They are able to accept feedback and acknowledge that others know more than they do.
  • Adaptable: They accept that change is constant and that changing their minds based on new information is a strength rather than a weakness.
  • Visionary: They have a clear sense of long-term direction, even in the face of short-term uncertainly.
  • Engaged: They have a willingness to listen, interact, and communicate with internal and external stakeholders combined with a strong sense of interest and curiosity in emerging trends.
  • Hyperaware: They are constantly scanning internal and external environments for opportunities and threats.
  • Good at Making Informed Decisions: They make use of data and information to make evidence-based decisions.
  • Able to Execute at Speed:They can move quickly, often valuing speed over perfection.

As a bonus, Professor Jordan points out that these same these qualities could help executives excel at work and at home!

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