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The IMD MBA – a springboard to success – ranked #1 by Forbes once again

The influential business magazine has consistently ranked IMD’s MBA among its biggest career boosters since 2001
September 2019

Once again, Forbes has ranked IMD’s MBA #1 among one-year international MBA programs in its 2019 ranking. Testament to the program’s strength and effectiveness in continuously shaping business leaders, IMD has held top spots in the ranking since 2001. IMD has been also ranked #1 in 2017, 2013, 2011, 2007 and 2001. The rankings are published every two years.

The Forbes ranking, which separates US and non-US programs, measures return on investment based on compensation earned 5 years after the program compared to the cost of the program.

While the Forbes ranking focuses on earnings, for Dean Seán Meehan the IMD MBA program provides its participants with much more. He describes it as a deep learning journey that helps participants discover who they really are, what drives them and how they can contribute to society.

Much of the year is spent equipping the class for the challenges of leadership.

“Our MBAs will undoubtedly lead in a world in which business big and small will be more digital, more entrepreneurial and more global. Our job is to ensure they are well equipped to do this. Alumni tell us their year at IMD was transformational. They are right and they are not talking about money,” said Meehan. “Still, we are happy and proud that they enjoy highest ‘Return On their Investment’ among all schools.”

The survey results were based on data provided by the Class of 2013.

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