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IMD EMBAs discover India on international immersion

Part of a series of Discovery Events to global business hubs
March 2018

IMD’s Executive MBA participants will visit vibrant India to learn more about how global corporations are changing — through lectures, case studies, company visits and a team assignment.

The trip to Mumbai is one of several “Discovery Expeditions” to international business hubs each year. The executives not only learn first-hand about the business climate and culture of a country, but translate their new-found knowledge into their own companies.

The trip adds to the global nature of IMD’s EMBA program. Participants, who have around 15 years of international business experience, learn as much from their peers as they do from their professors.

On this Discovery Expedition, the EMBAs will identify India’s unique social, economic and political environments, and discover how Indian executives conduct business on a local and international level. They will be led by IMD’s Professor Anand Narasimhan and Professor Amit Joshi.

Prof Narasimhan said: “For a global executive, India is a very compelling country to visit. India has a very complex political system and the world’s largest working democracy. So you learn about the political context and how that affects the economy and the conduct of companies.”

“India is soon going to be one of the largest countries in the world in terms of population,” he added. “It’s rapidly emerging from poverty to a more affluent society. So it’s a fascinating context in which to learn about economic development.”

The participants will apply these insights to their own leadership development and integrate them into the rest of the EMBA experience.

The EMBAs will complete a consulting project on a company in India that is seeking a transformation, using their strategy and finance skillsets, along with their background knowledge of the Indian economy. They will present their conclusion and recommendation to IMD faculty in Mumbai at the end of the project.

The international immersion includes sessions on India’s economy, the social dilemmas the country faces, and entrepreneurship and corporate transformation. There will also be time for networking, dinners, Bollywood dancing and street food.

The EMBA participants will be in India from March 11 to March 17.

The event is also open to those thinking of applying to IMD’s EMBA course or people who want to discover more about IMD.

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