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IMD brings its CLO Roundtable to Singapore

Exploring digital in executive learning and beyond
December 2016

Among the many offerings available for corporate learning professionals, digital technology is increasingly adding options to the mix. But how is technology-enabled learning impacting business and, even more, how is it impacting executive education?

Diving deeper into digital, IMD hosted a Chief Learning Officers (CLO) Roundtable for the first time in its Singapore location.

IMD’s CLO Roundtable brings together Chief Learning Officers, Global Heads of Management Development and Vice Presidents of Human Resources to wrestle with a range of issues regarding learning and development at an individual, corporate, global and strategic level.

Over the course of the event, IMD Professors Amit Mukherjee and Tawfik Jelassi addressed the group on leadership in the digital vortex. While technology has been around for decades, its growth rate has been exponential in the last few years and shows no sign of slowing up.

Big data, the Internet of Things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems such as drones, are disrupting businesses of all shapes and sizes. And education and learning are not immune from change.

Online learning and MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) have flooded the market with new options for learning professionals. But rather than seeing digital as a threat to executive education, IMD has pioneered its own unique approach to ‘digital learning’, IMD’s Global Leadership in the Cloud (GLC).

“We see technology-enabled learning as an opportunity,” said Paul Hunter, Director of IMD’s Corporate Learning Network (CLN). “Digital provides a way for us to reach executives who may not be able to come on campus but who seek an IMD quality learning experience from the convenience of their own workplace.”

Knowing the disadvantages that come with digital learning – generic impersonal formats, poor completion rates and failure to achieve meaningful results – IMD’s CLN developed a 7 point methodology to ensure compelling digital learning that delivers on impact. The methodology includes many of the things one may think of, such as engaging design and visuals, but it also explores deeper elements. For example, every GLC program is designed from the end-point. GLCs are made with a goal in mind.

“In order to make any course effective, whether it involves digital or not, we have to first look at what the objectives of the learning are,” Hunter said. “Using a backwards learning design, we can assess challenges and then compile the right tools and approach to target them.

Digital learning also needs to be monitored if it is to be truly effective. IMD’s GLCs all provide a coaching component where each participant gets feedback and guidance from a certified coach. Not only does this add to the learning experience, it also adds to how participants can take learning offline and into their organizations.

“Moving from knowledge dissemination to learning application is the true hallmark of impactful technology-enabled learning.”

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