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Highlights from recent IMD Alumni Club events worldwide

Alumni Clubs offer a wide range of networking and learning activities. There are some 40+ Alumni Clubs worldwide, all diverse in nature
May 2019

Here is a roundup of recent IMD Alumni Club events held around the world.

IMD Russia Alumni Club

On 31 January 2019, the IMD Russia Alumni Club were delighted to welcome Professor Arturo Bris, and over 50 participants.

The focus of the presentation was: ‘How to think differently in a changing job market’. By 2030 independent workers will perform 50% of all jobs in developed countries. Arturo Bris explained that a flexible mind-set is the key to cope with these changes.

In the developed world today, 70% of the global workforce has an employment contract and this underpins an economic system which gives many people long-term job security. The self-employment and part time rates are roughly 23%, leaving 7% unemployed.

But in a world where technology eats jobs, contracts are monitored on the blockchain and lean companies are on the rise, these numbers are about to flip. Lifelong jobs are almost extinct, and individuals are increasingly feeling job insecurity.

The solution lies in organizing work more flexibly and individuals need to learn how to orchestrate multiple income streams which will underpin resilience and confidence.

Arturo Bris discussed these issues and more at the event.

IMD East Africa Alumni Club

On 5 March the IMD East Africa Alumni Club had the pleasure of hosting a group from the IMD EMBA classes of 2019 with IMD Professor Leif Sjöblom for an evening of discussions with guest speakers Mr. Laurent Noel (Cement and construction) and Ms. Pauline Ngari (Microfinance and education) giving their views on doing business in Kenya.

This was followed by some very pleasant networking under the warm African night skies, with a record number of alumni in attendance.

IMD Czech Republic Club

On March 7, the IMD Czech Republic Club hosted an event titled “Responsible ownership – What we can learn from family business?” with guest speaker Wild Group Professor of Family Business at IMD, Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez.

For many years, there has been a perceived clash of values in business practice, between the quest for an ethical and sustainable business model, against the more conventional emphasis upon maximizing financial returns to shareholders. However, recent research reveals that some of the most sustainable and ethical approaches to business turn out to be successful in commercial terms. Conversely, sometimes a quest for maximizing short-term returns ends in scandal and/or bankruptcy. There is overwhelming evidence that a short-term business culture, guided predominantly by financial indicators with a bias towards maximizing profit and growth, is failing.

Business owners seated at the top of the organization have the power and the responsibility of purpose and decisions. They can impose their vision and empower the whole organization to work toward a common, responsible direction to achieve radical change. Principles like integrity, respect, fairness, stewardship, emotional ownership and sometimes investing with patient capital are most common for achieving long lasting sustainability in their business.

The seminar focused on why family businesses are better equipped to deal with these issues in a fractured world.

IMD Lausanne Alumni Club

On 8 March, the IMD Alumni Club of Lausanne and the MBA office hosted an IMD community event on campus entitled ‘Gender Diversity as a Driver for the Business World’.

Guest speakers Eglantine Jamet, gender studies expert and founding partner at the Artemia executive search firm, and Bea Knecht co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Zattoo, discussed what still needs to be done to breakdown stereotypes for women in the workplace.

IMD Geneva Alumni Club

Also, on 8 March, the IMD Alumni Club of Geneva welcomed Beth Healey, a celebrity for her research in Antarctica to help future space exploration. Beth Healey recently returned from a year-long mission at the Concordia Station in Antarctica. The purpose of the mission was to test isolation, inaccessibility, altitude, low light levels and a skeleton crew.

IMD Hong Kong Alumni Club

On 26 March, the IMD 2019 EMBA class visited Shenzhen for a week-long expedition to discover China first-hand through a variety of different activities and approaches. They met business leaders and cultural organizations in and around Shenzhen to gain an understanding of what doing business in China means and how it is evolving. The expedition was led by Professor Stéphane Girod as an integral part of the Executive MBA program.

On 19 March the Club supported a HKUST Business School organized GNAM Global Network for Advanced Management Alumni Mixer event.

More about IMD Alumni Clubs

Some clubs are large, formally structured organizations. Others are more informal. Some have an annual agenda of planned speaker events and social activities while others organize activities in a more spontaneous manner. The average number of events by club per year is 3-5.

Some clubs charge an annual membership fee. Others do not. Each club determines its own approach to “membership”.

Find out more here https://wwwtest.imd.org/alumni/communities/all-clubs/