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Gaining the skills and confidence to take that next step

Building on Talent at IMD
September 2017

It’s time to take that next step and move closer to your dream. It’s time to become the professional you have always wanted to be, the leader, the manager or the next Executive MBA candidate. It’s time to dare again.

Imagine a program that can help you gain the confidence and skills to make that move and not be left behind. Imagine a business school that believes that people come first and that leadership starts with you. Imagine discovering your own strengths and overcoming your fears.

IMD’s Building on Talent (BOT) is designed to jumpstart the next stage of your career by improving your knowledge of core business functions and releasing your leadership abilities.

This could be your story: You have what it takes and just need that extra boost. You’re ready! But you need to dust off your business toolbox (finance, marketing, operations, strategy, digital transformation) and acquire new insights into high-paced innovation and sustainability. But more importantly, you need to unlock your leadership potential.

BOT is the answer for high-potential professionals eager to build on their talent with assurance and confidence. BOT may be the answer for you.

Imagine a lift to leadership in just three steps over 14 weeks, including two weeks on the beautiful IMD campus by Lake Geneva…

BOT testimonies

Three recent participants tell us their stories and what they gained from BOT, the right choice at the right time for them.

Gaining different perspectives

Mark Geiser, the Strategy & Business Excellence Manager at Grundfos Pumps Pty Ltd, Australia was looking for a new experience in the corporate world where he could exchange with his peers in a different professional context. He also wanted to better understand the responsibilities of a manager and learn to capitalize on his own skills, as well as to recognize and encourage those of the others on his team.

“By staying in the company mindset, you miss out on new trends and miss out on the perception of your own company.”

Networking, he says, has helped him gain a different perspective.

“BOT has opened up my eyes to what’s possible and to my own potential.”

“Coming here I’ve learned that I can become even better than I thought I could.”

Gaining the skills

Marta Pompilio, former Head of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing at Tally Weij, is preparing her next career move. She was looking for a program to reflect on strategy, as well as consolidate her business skills.

“We need to step back, refine our strategy, refine our actions and then put them in place.”

She emphasized the difference of BOT with a university education that is more theoretical.

“At IMD, it’s ‘learning and doing’ at the same time. What I really liked is the focus on practical situations.”  She said that the 6-week project at the end, that is designed to learn to apply all the skills acquired, was particularly helpful.

“It is so great to exchange with fellow participants to get the job done.”

Gaining insight

As legal counsel to Aegon in the Netherlands, where he is Senior Digital and Privacy Counsel and Group Data Protection Officer, Sebastiaan ter Wee found himself at a crossroad: was he going to stay in his area of expertise, or look to expand into business.  BOT provided him with the necessary insight and tools.

“It’s a good holistic overview of what’s out there.  BOT provides a suite of little peeks of what businesses do, for example in marketing, sustainability and finance, a little legal.”

This, in turn, leads to a better understanding of how businesses function and how colleagues operate: “It helps connect the dots.”

“You can be a leader of a silo, or leader of a spectrum. BOT is about making things possible.”

This may be where your story begins…