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“When you’re put under pressure, you really see what you’re made of”

Lorenz Moenke, the first ever Stewart Hamilton scholarship recipient, provides an inspiring look at the MBA experience
May 2015

Lorenz is in many ways a typical IMD MBA student.  - IMD Business SchoolHe is a 31 year-old with an international profile. A Canadian citizen who grew up in Germany, his background is in finance and accounting. He speaks three languages, has substantial international work experience and has traveled a great deal at his young age.

In other ways, he is less typical. He is the first ever Stewart Hamilton scholarship holder, selected out of numerous candidates due to his exceptional grasp of corporate governance and responsibility. He went through hardship before beginning the program at IMD, and his motivation for coming to Lausanne reveals that he has more in mind than getting a well-paid job.

“I chose to do an MBA at IMD because I wanted a more personal, life-changing experience,” said Lorenz.

Lorenz was already employed making a good living but he wanted to do the IMD MBA to have the experience of a lifetime and become a better leader.

“I asked myself what I could I get out of an MBA? Would I be satisfied if it didn’t lead to my dream job right away? The answer for me was yes. I was convinced that the program would improve the quality of my life by making me a better, well-rounded person and professional, and that its leadership focus would help me grow and complement myself,” said Lorenz.

So far the program has lived up to his expectations and the Stewart Hamilton scholarship has provided him with some peace of mind. Last year a family tragedy almost stopped Lorenz from pursuing his plans to do an MBA but the financial assistance has helped him get back on track.

“Thankfully the scholarship gave me the chance to come to IMD and focus on my studies. I am grateful for that,” he said.

Lorenz appreciates the high-quality of the instructors at IMD, the diversity of its faculty as well as participants, and the program’s strong leadership focus.

But one of the most important and appreciated aspects of the program for Lorenz is its intensity.

“I am learning some things about some of my behaviors that I didn’t fully grasp before. There is a lot of pressure in the program and when you’re put under pressure, you really see what you’re made of,” said Lorenz.

To find out more about the Stewart Hamilton Scholarship Fund or make a donation, please send an email to Elsa Chemin at [email protected].