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IMD’s 2017 MBA class receives over half a million CHF in scholarships

Awards for highly qualified and ambitious leaders
February 2017

Scholarships play an important role in supporting IMD’s already diverse MBA pool. There are roughly 10 different categories of IMD scholarships ranging from completely merit based awards to those awarded exclusively for emerging markets. In any given year, typically 25% of all IMD MBA students receive financial awards in the form of scholarships. We congratulate the 2017 award recipients.

Learn more about scholarships and financial aid for IMD’s MBA program.

Congratulations to the 2017 scholarship recipients:


IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships

Abeer Hazboun Sader, Israeli (Palestinian)

Alejandro Argaez Escalona, Mexican

Lucas Makhema, Motswana

Rajashree Patankar, Indian

Sergiu Geamanu, Romanian

IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships

Kuniyuki Furuta, Japanese

Pierre-Thibault Acolas, French

Yasuharu Sakurai, Japanese

IMD MBA Merit Scholarships

Martina Magnus Heyse, Brazilian/Italian

Patricia Nyberg, Finnish

Priya Mehra, American

Valeria Cuevas Trejo, Mexican

MBA 2016 Class Scholarship

Baiyu Li, Chinese

Chen Wang, Chinese

Damjan Sinkovic, Croatian

Jian Zheng, Chinese

Varun Madan, Indian

Xiang Liu, Chinese

Jim Ellert Scholarship

Gabriela Gonzalez Astudillo, Ecuadorian

Nestlé Scholarship for Women

Jana Valkovicova, Slovak

Staton Scholarship

Victor Rumay, Peruvian

IIAA Scholarship  

Oliver van der Meer, Dutch/Venezuelan

Stewart Hamilton Scholarship

Qin Li, Chinese