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IMD awarded at “Business School Oscars”

Prof. Wolfgang Ulaga and Athanasios Kondis recognized for outstanding GE Healthcare India case
February 2016

Marketing expert Wolfgang Ulaga and Research Associate Athanasios Kondis were awarded for their work in the “Outstanding case on a hot topic” category at the 2016 Case Centre Awards, which are called the business school Oscars by the Financial Times.

The winning case “GE Healthcare India: The Marketing Challenge of Low-Resource Customers” is based on their field research and follows the development of Lullaby Warmer Prime, an infant warmer that was designed, manufactured and commercialized by the Maternal Infant Care (MIC) division of GE Healthcare India.

The case series assesses the main issues that business-to-business (B2B) companies face in their efforts to create and capture value in emerging markets and provides key lessons for other manufacturers willing to serve what the authors refer to as low-resource customers.

“GE Healthcare India” was also presented in IMD’s In the Field series about business challenges abroad.

IMD congratulates Wolfgang and Athanasios for their outstanding research.

For more information about the 2016 awards, please click here.