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IMD once again features in annual Case Centre bestseller list

Bestselling cases 2019 announced ahead of World Case Teaching Day
January 2020

One of IMD’s long-time bestselling cases, Reinventing Nespresso? The Challenges of a Market Leader Under Attack, has once again made the Case Centre’s top selling case list 11th in the Marketing category.

By accomplished case writers Dominique Turpin, currently the Dentsu-chaired Professor and past-President of IMD, and Emeritus Professor Kamran Kashani, the case is a close examination of Nespresso at a time when it had already achieved phenomenal success in 2011.

But despite annual revenues of CHF3.5 billion, cracks were starting to appear. The 1,700 patents protecting Nespresso’s system were expiring and more and more copycat capsules compatible with Nespresso machines were hitting the market. Nespresso began to experience declining growth rate and market share loss. The case delves deeper into this new competitive landscape, Nespresso’s reaction to these challenges, and the tough choices it had to make in order to sustain its success.

The case provides a thought-provoking account of how companies at the top of their game still have to be alert, and then react to, fresh competition in their market.

The case method is an established pedagogical method that features highly at business schools around the world, including IMD.

Cases expose participants to real-life decision-making as well as business and management theory, while at the same time helping them to develop a wide range of vital skills. These include negotiation, analysis, team and individual work, and the ability to avoid making decisions based on too little information.

Cases present students with a problem, or set of problems, to be analysed and contemplated in depth. After thorough discussion with their peers and professor, the students are then tasked reaching a consensus on how to solve this particular problem.

IMD has been at the forefront of case writing and teaching throughout its history and continues to regularly receive recognition for its outstanding case work.

The Case Centre is recognized as the independent home of the case method.

5 February 2020 is #WorldCaseTeachingDay