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Digital health ecosystem workshop at IMD

Value Chain 4.0 holds diverse event
September 2017

The IMD Global Centre, Value Chain 4.0, recently hosted its first workshop on the digital health ecosystem in Switzerland. The aim of this workshop was to identify barriers and facilitators towards the successful adoption of digital health innovations in Switzerland.

Digital health technology might help to build a sustainable, cost-effective, accessible, and safe healthcare system. However, despite huge interest in digitally-delivered healthcare, there are many promising digital health innovations without widespread adoption. One of the reasons for low adoption of innovations is a lack of support from one or more healthcare players, such as hospitals, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, retailers, regulators and patients. The needs and expectations of different players are not always considered or aligned and, in some cases, there are conflicts among players.

To gain more insight into the views of different players, 12 participants with a wide range of backgrounds attended the workshop, including people representing the views from patients, carers, local hospitals, pharmacy retailers, health insurers, health services researchers, engineers, technology and pharmaceutical companies.

IMD Professor Carlos Cordon and external researcher Dr Michelle van Velthoven facilitated the workshop. Participants took part in small group exercises where examples from the Swiss healthcare system were discussed using relevant frameworks. In-depth discussions explored their views on facilitators and barriers towards adoption of digital health innovations in Switzerland.

Several articles will be published from the insights gathered during the discussions. The workshop will be followed by a larger digital health event at IMD later this year.

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