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Empowering leaders and organizations to drive resilience, performance and long-term prosperity through workplace well-being.


Empowering leaders and organizations to drive resilience, performance and long-term prosperity through workplace well-being.

Burnout, stress, anxiety and depression and absenteeism are among the most critical business problems of our time, with an estimated annual cost to the global economy of $1 billion. The Workplace Well-being Initiative sits at the frontier of research into employee mental health and well-being, creating new insights, new frameworks and actionable ideas to bolster people and organizations, and empower them with the emotional and cognitive resilience to thrive and prosper over time.  

The Workplace Well-being Initiative:  

Generates ground-breaking research into the challenges and risks around well-being and the ties to burnout and high turnover, as well as the solutions and tools to manage stress, build engagement and drive resilience.

Harnesses the expertise of world-renowned IMD faculty who are thought leaders in workplace well-being, authoring new frameworks and actionable tools for leaders and organizations to help them sustain engagement and productivity.

Delivers game-changing programs for individuals, leaders and organizations that fully leverage faculty research and thought leadership in mental health and workplace well-being.

Regularly publishes articles, reports and white papers for individuals, practitioners and the academic community that push the frontiers of understanding on the complexities and importance of mental and physical well-being in the workplace.

Our faculty publish across the spectrum of mental health and well-being, employee engagement, workplaces as physical, emotional and cognitive contexts, stress and burnout and individual and organizational resilience.  

In 2023, we launched a pioneering new program for executives to help them manage stress in the workplace. Mastering Stress Sprint delivers research-backed techniques proven to reduce stress, improve cognitive, emotional and physiological well-being and boost work-life balance. 

The IMD Workplace Well-being Initiative is led by Alyson Meister, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior. In 2021 Professor Meister was named on the Thinkers50 Radar list in 2021 and subsequently nominated for a Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Award. 

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Given the massive changes over the last few years to how, where, and when we work, it is critical that leaders learn to manage themselves to more inclusively manage others and cultivate thriving workforces in their organizations.

Professor Alyson Meister Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior
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Our programs

Open programs for individuals 

This stress management course gives you evidence-based techniques to better manage your physiology and mental state and boost work life balance.

Custom programs for organizations 

Our custom programs leverage cutting-edge research and the extensive experience of IMD Faculty and draw on the diverse perspectives of specialists, guest speakers, participants, and organizations from around the world.