Case Study

Saudi Aramco: A state within a state?

4 pages
December 2006
Reference: IMD-3-1794

A brief overview of the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia from the 1990s to 2000. Responsible for 99% of the Kingdom’s proven crude oil reserves – roughly one-fifth of the world’s total – and for about 10% of global oil production, Saudi Aramco owns domestic refineries and distribution assets, as well as one of the world’s largest and newest tanker fleets. It also operates a network of marketing and refining partnerships. The company’s international status – as the No. 1 oil producer – is matched by its domestic importance. Hydrocarbons constitute 88% of Saudi Arabia’s exports and contribute 79% to its government revenues.

Learning Objective

Understanding the linkages between resource economics, economic development and governance concerns. Learning about contrasting models of Government-Business Relations.

Energy, Regulation, Economic Development, Business-Government Relations
Saudi Arabia
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