Case Study

Optima Environnement S.A.: Turning a wonder tree into an eco-business

17 pages
May 2004
Reference: IMD-3-1433

Optima Environnement S.A., a biotech startup in Switzerland, has developed a environmentally safe alternative to chemicals used in the water treatment industry using a plant based extract. Subsequent research has led to discoveries of proteins with medicinal properties and an oil extract with several cosmetics applications. With limited resources and promising opportunities in multiple industries, the company must attempt to break into markets where it has no prior experience and generate a revenue stream to keep it afloat through the complex sales cycle in introducing (potentially) disruptive technologies in existing industries. The case study discusses elements of entrepreneurship, business strategy, and new product development within mature industries as well as the importance of developing strategic alliances to enter new markets.

Water Treatment, Environment, Oil
December 2003
Field Research
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