Case Study

Jean-Luc and Ginette Leclair: Paris to Tokyo

8 pages
February 2004
Reference: IMD-3-1427

It had been only six months since Jean-Luc Leclair had arrived with his wife and two children on a three-year assignment as the director of Cap Champs Elysees’ Tokyo office and so far things had gone from bad to worse. With a promising consulting career ahead of himself, Jean-Luc had gladly accepted this promotion and transfer. But, time after time he was frustrated in his efforts to grow the business and work with the Japanese. To make matters worse, his wife, Ginette, was miserable. She hated Japan and had given Jean-Luc an ultimatum: either they all packed up and left or she would take their children and leave without him.

Expatriation, Cross-cultural Management, Management Consulting
Generalized Experience
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