Case Study

Essential dimensions of business competitiveness

6 pages
December 2014
Reference: IMD-7-1638

The case offers a great opportunity to engage in discussion about major theoretical issues, such as the debate about the benefits of effective governance for the competitiveness of firms vis-à-vis the negative effects of excessive regulation. At the practical level, the case opens a window on the efforts of progressive enterprises in adopting behaviors, and building and establishing processes conducive to their competitiveness. The case provides a platform for considering the strengthening of business competitiveness. It encourages reflection about competitiveness whatever the nature of the organization. The lessons drawn from this case, thus, could appeal to any company because they highlight the challenges and opportunities that the search for competitiveness brings.

Learning Objective

The objective of the case is to encourage in-depth discussion about organizational behaviors conducive to competitiveness and the streamlining of business practices and processes. The aim is to identify key areas for the strengthening of business competitiveness.

Business, Organizational Effectiveness
Generalized Experience
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