Case Study

Changing the culture at XYZ Airlines

3 pages
December 2008
Reference: IMD-4-0303

Well aware of your experience and keen intuition, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of XYZ Airlines, James Sanchez, is asking for your help. The airline is loss-making, has a record of poor customer service, and is the result of an undigested merger several years ago. Sanchez took over as chief executive of XYZ Airlines a month ago. Well-known for his almost single-minded focus on customer service, he wants to create a service culture in the airline while continuing to cut costs. He is asking for your help to decide what he should do to create this culture change and to estimate how long it will take to succeed.

Learning Objective

Participants are challenged to think about the critical success factors for changing the culture of an organization.

Organizational Culture, Culture Change, Leading Change, Airline
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