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Promoting biodiversity

Since 2015, we have been actively implementing measures to promote and safeguard biodiversity on our campus. These initiatives are essential for integrating nature into the lives of our community members and signal our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land.

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Several measures have been implemented to enhance biodiversity on campus;

  • Green roofs have been installed, which not only enhance the aesthetics of our campus but also provide habitat for various plant species and insects
  • Dry stone walls serve as a functional feature to create microhabitats for small animals and contribute to the overall biodiversity
  • Flowering meadows and perennial flowerbeds are visually appealing and attract different pollinating insects like bees and butterflies. These areas are a vibrant and dynamic part of our campus landscape and play a vital role in supporting the local ecosystems
  • Preservation of old trees: by preserving old trees, we maintain essential habitats for birds, insects, and other wildlife. These trees also contribute to carbon sequestration
  • Insect hotels are purpose-built structures that provide shelter and nesting sites for beneficial insects. They’re essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
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In 2023, we constructed a ‘living fence’ on campus. This fence serves as a habitat for various organisms, providing food, nesting sites, and overwintering spots. We also sponsor several beehives through Bees4you, a local Bio Suisse-certified beekeeper organization. By doing so, we actively contribute to preserving this vulnerable species.

IMD has joined the Biodiversity Credit Alliance (BCA) as a forum member. This voluntary international alliance brings together diverse stakeholders to support private-sector investments in biodiversity. As part of the BCA, we engage in global research on voluntary biodiversity credits, exploring their relevance to business practices and their impact on nature-positive strategies.

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