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Looking ahead

In 2024, we will promote greater access and representation in our programs by:
  • Continuing IMD’s Women Leaders Assessment Challenge. The winner of the challenge, an individual who showcases their potential to create sustainable impact, will receive a scholarship and a place in the MBA class of 2024.
  • Ensuring the Admissions Committee places special focus on supporting women applicants with scholarships.
  • Focusing on communication and marketing that represent gender diversity at parity.
  • Reinforcing our bonds with the Forte Foundation, a community whose mission is to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, professional development, and a community of successful women.
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 - IMD Business School  - IMD Business School
  • Adding online programs and Sprints to broaden access to executive education across the globe.
  • Hosting a Giving Day campaign to support our scholarship efforts.
  • Striving to achieve gender balance among faculty members across various facets of our MBA program, including start-ups, ICPs, integrative exercises, and core courses.
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