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Looking forward

In the year ahead, we will:

  • Commence implementing the new sustainable procurement policy and supplier code of conduct, and continue to work with our suppliers, partners, and clients to ensure sustainable practices throughout our value chain.
  • Continue to measure our carbon footprint annually, encompassing Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions.
  • Track and communicate progress towards our impact reduction targets as previously done.
  • Invest in innovative technology to minimize food waste and reduce waste by enhancing the utilization of reusable materials in our restaurant.
  • Install solar panels on our campus buildings’ roofs in Lausanne.
  • Continue with the installation of the fully automated lighting system in more campus buildings.
  • Continue to report our processes at IMD, ensuring accuracy and transparency and contributing to a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive world.
  • Extend the district heating system installation in more campus buildings.
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