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A variety of scholarships are available for candidates who wish to pursue an MBA or EMBA at IMD. These scholarships are awarded to candidates who truly stand out as exceptional managers and leaders but don’t necessarily have the financial means to apply.

Part of the IMD scholarship strategy is to ensure geographical representation amongst our degree cohorts and, to-date, almost 30% of our MBA participants have received a geographically based scholarship.

In line with our commitment to increasing diversity in our programs, many of our scholarship opportunities require an equal split of male/female recipients, and some are only available to women, such as the Nestlé Scholarship for Women, the Forte Scholarship, The BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women, and the IMD Women Leaders Assessment Challenge.

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The BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women Foundation Board (from left to right): Sara Enriquez Bedon, Hanne de Mora, Nina Beer-Maurer, Srishti Gupta, and MBA participant and inaugural BackPack-Excellence Scholarship recipient Sorelle Djankou Djeuga.
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The following scholarships are available at IMD: the Jebsen Family Global South MBA & EMBA Scholars Program, launched in 2023, which provides funding to applicants from the Global South who wish to pursue business leadership education at IMD. The Jebsen Family Scholars Program for Non-Profit Executives aims to strengthen the social impact of not-for-profit organizations by providing scholarship funding for their leaders to develop effective leadership skills at IMD. The Hilti MBA Scholars Program Fund was announced by Hilti and the Hilti Family Foundation Liechtenstein in 2023; it aims to support 60 Hilti MBA scholars over a 10-year period.

A successful Giving Day campaign was held in 2022, through which the combined generosity of our Alumni and broader community created various scholarship opportunities in 2023. The MBA Giving Day scholarship funding supported six candidates, of which three female, whilst the EMBA Giving Day scholarship funding created opportunities for ten candidates, of which seven were female and three were sustainability-focused. The generosity of the IMD community also enabled a participant affected by the war in Ukraine to attend IMD’s Venture Asset Management program. The community will once again be invited to amplify its impact through a Giving Day for Scholarships campaign in 2024.

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“A competitive MBA scholars program aims to support the brightest MBA candidates from around the world. The new Hilti IMD MBA Scholars Program also aims to nurture talent and encourage new voices, views, and perspectives to pursue leadership roles in STEM industries.”

Jahangir Doongaji, CEO, Hilti Group