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Our EMBA Program

The IMD Executive MBA (EMBA) program aims to develop reflective, global leaders who lead with integrity and positively impact their businesses and society. The program consists of a foundation stage and a mastery stage. The blended, flexible modular curriculum allows executives to combine personal development with daily life. Sustainability is integrated into the EMBA’s curriculum core courses, electives, and the discovery expeditions to emerging markets.

Our EMBA participants are exposed to sustainability-related themes throughout the program. For example, in the Advanced Management Concepts module, they explore Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) fundamentals from the dual lens of multinational corporations and financial institutions. Key basic concepts and frameworks of corporate sustainability and sustainable finance are addressed so that they have the tools to integrate ESG issues into decision-making.

Each participant writes a case study as part of their EMBA. The objective is to analyze and diagnose a real business issue and create a narrative that encapsulates relevant learning for other leaders. These case studies have increasingly featured organizations focused on driving sustainability. In 2023, the case studies focused on sustainable construction, renewable biofuels, and sustainable procurement.

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Discovery Expeditions

EMBA participants learn about sustainability-related themes through experiential learning in the ‘mastery stage’ of their EMBA. In 2023, they gained experience in social innovation, sustainable development, and bottom-of-the-pyramid (BoP) business models through Discovery Expeditions to emerging markets such as Kenya, Peru, and Colombia.

Learning about bottom-of-the-pyramid businesses in Kenya

During the discovery expedition to Kenya, participants worked with local entrepreneurs to strengthen the business models of their for-profit entities.

The undertaking seeks to dismantle biases and provides lessons on the commercial landscape within this demographic.

While many social and ethical dimensions are present, the expedition’s purpose is to do business for profit. Its philosophy is that the best way to develop emerging economies is to create employment opportunities by supporting SMEs and free markets.

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Exploring impact investing in Peru and Colombia

The discovery expeditions to Peru and Colombia provide EMBA participants with the acumen to identify profitable and impactful investment opportunities in emerging markets. Participants are exposed to the political, economic, and social contexts of emerging markets, where many impact investment opportunities exist. On behalf of a Swiss impact investor, they undertook due diligence on possible investment opportunities in these markets.

In 2023, the participants met with Tim Radji of AlphaMundi in Colombia and Florian Kemmerich from Palladium in Peru. Engagements with key stakeholders and industry leaders added depth to the experience. Meetings were held with Danper of Inkaterra, Kuna in Peru, and Juan Valdez and Alpina in Colombia. Participants also met with Peruvian Sarhua artists and women affected by armed conflict in Colombia, highlighting the role of businesses in fostering social peace and addressing local challenges through social innovation.

The immersive learning experience highlighted the powerful role of impact investing in driving sustainable, inclusive growth.

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