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Board Boosters

40 years of board education experience with the most prominent boards

Board Boosters

40 years of board education experience with the most prominent boards

Our custom programs are founded on cutting-edge research and the extensive experience of IMD Faculty, and inspired by the board practices of leading organizations in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. With a heavy emphasis on experiential and discussion-based learning, our programs also draw on the diverse perspectives of guest speakers and participants – your peers from around the world.

Our custom programs are

Highly customized programs to drive your board’s performance

Designed to meet the specific learning and development needs of your board

Exclusively developed for supervisory board members

Inspired by the latest research and the world’s best boards, and with more than 35 years of board education experience

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Example of topics that may be covered during program delivery
  • Board Dynamics, Decision Styles and Discussion Styles: Threats to Static Systems
  • Board Leadership in Volatile Times: The Board as a Secure Base
  • Global Governance Trends: Evolution for Main Political and Economic Transnational Actors
  • Evaluating Yourself as a Board Member: Self-reflection Tools and Processes
  • Latest Techniques in Risk Management Practices: Combining Psychology and Financial Economics
  • Board and Social Media
  • New Trends in Strategic Thinking: Probe, Sense and React/Internal Competitions/Focused Responses/Others
  • Supervising and Boosting Management Development and Succession Quality Across the Organization: Best in Class Practices
  • Overcoming Board Blindspots and Developing a Meaningful Role

Our Programs

The center creates a unique combination of board education programs and board retreats to reach board’s performance.