A Simple Solution to Complex Problems
248 pages
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Problem solving skills are in high demand, yet we’re not taught how to develop and apply these skills appropriately. Solvable offers a simple solution with a 3 -step process—Frame, Explore, Decide—and concrete tools that you can use to become a better problem solver and successfully engage relevant people, whatever the challenge you face.

Discover a three-step process for complex problem solving: Frame, Explore, Decide

  • Find practical, concrete tools that managers and executives can use to become better problem solvers in any situation
  • Build high in-demand problem-solving skills that employers are looking for
  • Learn evidence-based skills built from management, psychology, medicine, engineering, and design research

A 3-step process for solving complex problems of any kind.

Try the free online problem solving tool- The DragonMaster app guides you through the 3-step process so you can solve your problem online.

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Professor Arnaud Chevallier
Professor of Strategy

Arnaud Chevallier helps executives solve complex problems and make better decisions under uncertainty. His research, teaching and consulting draw on empirical findings from diverse disciplines to provide concrete tools…

Professor Albrecht Enders
Professor of Strategy and Innovation

Albrecht Enders’ work focuses on strategic decision making. Through his teaching, consulting and writing, he helps companies make important strategic choices, and provides guidance on how to ensure that decision making…

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Solvable is a brilliant book: hands-on, humorous, deeply researched, well written, and stuffed to the brim with memorable stories and real-world cases. Read this if you want to become a world-class problem solver at work and in life.

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg Author of "What's Your Problem" and "Innovation as Usual", Harvard Business Review Press

The authors provide a useful and straight forward framework for approaching complex problem solving, whether in business or more broadly in life. But the real added value for me, are the real world examples from corporations, governments and individuals around the world, struggling as they face urgent, complex challenges.

Ian Charles Stewart Co-Founder, WiReD Magazine

Strong problem solving capabilities are essential, especially when you confront complex problems that have a profound and long-lasting impact on your organizations. Solvable provides a thorough-yet-accessible approach to help you elevate your complex problem solving game.

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp Executive Chairman, Lego Brand Group
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Solvable: A Simple Solution to Complex Problems by Arnaud Chevallier & Albrecht Enders (FT Publishing International)

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