Clarify customer centricity and your business will flourish

We hear the buzzword customer centricity all the time, but does it really mean anything anymore? At OWP liVe, Professor Seán Meehan will outline how to recalibrate your organization to be a customer-focused success.
May 2021

What does it mean to be a truly customer-centric enterprise? It’s a fashionable phrase that is regularly heard in business circles but has fallen prey to overuse.

“It’s become a buzzword referring to all sorts of vaguely customer-friendly activities, and it’s lost its meaning and purpose,” said Seán Meehan, professor of marketing and change management, who will lead the OWP liVe session on “How to be truly customer led” in June.

Based on insights gained over 30 years studying the topic and drawing from his books and cases studies, Meehan will share his current thinking condensed in the recent book The Customer Copernicus – How to be Customer-Led. The session will provide guidance on how to transform an ordinary business into a customer-led success.

Companies attempt to deploy the concept, but without a clearly defined understanding, their efforts risk failure. Other brands who do appear to get it right, seem to lose their edge somewhere along the line. So how can your business embrace customer centricity and continue to succeed over time?

“Simply put, customer centricity should mean putting customers at the center of everything you do as a leader,” said Meehan.

In Professor Meehan’s OWP liVe session, participants will gain key insights from leaders in the field on what constitutes customer-centric success and clear guidance on how to build it in to their businesses.

The companies featured in the session span many sectors and geographies and their success tips in three key areas will clarify how to embed the concept across the business and supercharge your game plan.

How to understand your customer

Breaking down key concepts and eliminating unnecessary definitions, participants will come to understand how an organization can re-focus in key areas to unleash innovation, creativity and a real-time understanding of what their customers really want.

How culture holds the key

Organizational culture must shift from boardroom to shop floor to engage in customer-centric success. Learn how shared beliefs about success can hamper curiosity about the client and how a more purposeful culture can create a natural pivot towards the customer.

How to create and sustain customer-led success

Placing your customer front and center of everything you do is vital to staying relevant in a changeable market. Fostering purpose, harnessing data-driven insights and encouraging innovation will enable you to deliver, time and time again, to customers who will recognize and value your responsiveness.

With clarity of purpose and customer-led innovation as its goal, your business will walk the talk, retain customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competition.


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